1. not conforming to the language usage of a prestige group within a community

a nonstandard dialect is one used by uneducated speakers or socially disfavored groups


"the common core of nonstandard words and phrases in folk speech"- A.R.Dunlap

Ant: ↑standard
Similar to: ↑bad, ↑unacceptable, ↑unaccepted
Topics: ↑linguistics
2. varying from or not adhering to a standard

nonstandard windows


envelopes of nonstandard sizes


nonstandard lengths of board

Ant: ↑standard
Similar to: ↑deficient, ↑inferior, ↑substandard, ↑nonnormative
Attrubites: ↑measure, ↑quantity, ↑amount
3. not standard; not accepted as a model of excellence

a nonstandard text

Ant: ↑standard

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